Environmental & Sustainability Policy

At H9 we talk about creating a brighter future for the candidates we work with, and the clients we represent.

This is mirrored by some of the specialist industries we recruit for such as clean technology, renewables, and advanced recycling, sectors we are proud to be part of.

But recruitment aside, how we can we as a business ensure that we are actually having a positive impact on the environment, and working in a sustainable manner?

Carbon Offsetting

As a business, we share the same ultimate goal as the UK government, and the international community, in that we must aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Alongside some of the other policies mentioned below, we at H9 will pledge to either plant enough new trees in fully certified projects to compensate for our collective emissions, or to purchase enough ‘carbon credits’ to offset our carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint will be calculated annually, taking into account our energy/utilities output, all recorded business travel, and the daily commutes of our employees, to generate a true, accurate figure.

We must be accountable for our environmental impact as a business if we are to truly embrace our label as a sustainable business, one of our core values.

Waste Recycling

All of our offices have clearly marked, easily accessible waste recycling facilities as standard, and all of our employees are asked to utilise them at all times. If we do it at home we should do it at work!

Single-Use Plastic Policy

We discourage employees from using single use plastics wherever possible. Reusable water containers are provided to all staff, and we ensure that all essential office equipment is biodegradable or can be used for a prolonged period of time to avoid unnecessary plastic waste.

Electric Vehicles

Some business travel is obviously required at times, and as much as we would like to reduce our mileage, and in turn carbon emissions, it is not always possible.

H9 will in the near future be looking at introducing EV pool cars for staff usage, or in the event we have to rent a car for business purposes, only use EV/hybrid model vehicles to minimise environmental impact.